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Introducing Storm

Private Cloud

It’s like having a private data center that you control.

FROM ONLY $125/mon

Move, resize, clone and destroy Virtual Instances
in your private cloud.



With the Storm Private Cloud, it’s easy to create Virtual Instances and configure them exactly as you wish.

  • Resize the RAM
  • Adjust the Disk Size
  • Configure the number of Cores

Once your Virtual Instances are created, you have the ability to move them between your Private Cloud servers or even into the Public Storm Platform. Additionally, the ability to reuse and reallocate resources can also help ensure you are utilizing all available services in the most efficient and cost- effective manner.


Featured Private Cloud Servers
CPU Type Cores/Speed CPUs RAM Drives RAID Starting at:
Intel Core i5-760 4 x 2.8 Ghz 4 7.8GB 1 x 226GB SSD -- $125/mon ORDER

Launch a network of Private Cloud servers to create your infrastructure.

Whether you’re configuring a Private Cloud environment for your enterprise or creating a network of virtual instances for your clients as a reseller, the Storm Private Cloud is a perfect fit.

Your Private Cloud, created in just a few clicks.

The ability to create an entire cloud infrastructure that is completely controlled by you, without the security or compliance concerns of shared platforms, opens up a great deal of possibility for anyone from resellers to developers and beyond.

Can I use Windows and Linux on the same private cloud server?

Within Storm Private Cloud, you can not only choose between Windows and Linux operating systems, but also mix and match them within the same private parent. This allows you to create any number of Linux and Windows virtual instances on a single parent server.

What about Windows licensing?

Windows instances do require an additional licensing fee added once per parent server, no matter how many Windows instances are created. The fee will only be in effect as long as there are Windows instances, and will be removed once all Windows instances are removed. SQL licensing will be individual to the instance.

Are there any resource limitations?

Yes, for managed instances there is an additional fee and a few resource minimums. For example, with cPanel/Managed templates there is a minimum of 880MB of RAM. With Windows managed/unmanaged instances the minimum RAM is 1750MB, and for Linux the minimum RAM is 512MB. Windows also requires 2 VCPUs, which reflect the number of CPUs seen by the instance and have no direct relationship to the actual physical cores.

Are there disk space size requirements?

Yes. There are disk space minimum requirements that will be determined by the size of the template you are seeking to deploy.

Harness the power of your Private Cloud with
our management portal.

The Storm management console is the window into your Private Cloud. From here, you can manage every aspect of your server and the virtual servers that you create.

FROM ONLY $125/mon

Note: Storm Backups and Storm Images are services available to Storm Private Cloud servers, however the data from these services is stored in the Storm Public Cloud.