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Our clients demand the highest caliber cloud hosting and network uptime in the industry. From bloggers to corporations, Storm on Demand® hosts some of the most prolific names on the web. Here is a sampling of a few of our clients and why they trust their hosting to Storm On Demand®.

Featured Storm on Demand® Client
John Hodgman

TV Personality and Author John Hodgman's website,, needed a hosting platform that was powerful enough to handle massive spikes in traffic without issue. After experiencing problems with traditional hosting, John moved his website to the cloud with Storm On Demand® and his site has run flawlessly ever since.

"Having crashed my own website repeatedly while linking to it Twitter-phonically, I experimented with new Internet technology to try to fix this problem. This experiment was successful. I am using Storm On Demand®... and I will continue to use and enjoy it." -John Hodgman

Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune was founded in 1847 and is one of the United States’ largest and longest running newspapers. Becoming one of the first major American newspapers to offer an online version, the company began hosting a version of its daily online in 1995 to expand its already vast readership. As this presence has grown, Storm On Demand® has provided a scalable infrastructure to host the content that Chicago Tribune readers view every day. The reliability and 24/7/365 availability of our Heroic Support team ensures that the Tribune’s loyal readership will maintain quick and consistent access to the publication’s content, any time they chose to view it.


Famous snack maker, Nabisco, distributes its highly recognizable products across the globe and is home to the world’s largest bakery. Storm® On Demand’s easy scalability and user control features attracted the company for a number of promotions. By only paying for the bandwidth they use with Storm’s pay-as-you-go pricing, Nabisco’s promotional outreach has not only been successful, but also cost-efficient.


Samsung is a multinational company with interests spanning from nanotechnology to large scale construction and industry. The conglomerate’s Electronics brand recently became the world’s largest Information Technology company, based on 2011 revenues. As Samsung has branched out, looking for every developmental advantage, the company quickly learned of Storm® On Demand’s highly scalable infrastructure and pay-as-you-go pricing. Using Storm SSD® to aid in development of internal software, Samsung has found a cost-friendly solution, capable of transferring data at previously unfathomable speeds.


The historic and successful producer of “Mmm Mmm Good” soup found a great deal of value in our powerful Cloud Hosting. Campbell’s, who runs a great deal of unique promotions, found the ease of setting up or changing hosting needs at a moments notice to be a boon to its varied multimedia advertising approach.


As the world’s largest cosmetics and beauty company, L’Oréal needs to maintain a powerful online presence and provide a number of applications to its users in order to maintain its lauded status. While utilizing a number of different formats for data storage, L’Oréal has found that Storm® On Demand’s power, cost-effective pricing, and reliability has made it an irreplaceable asset to the company’s promotional efforts.


The high-end audio specialist worked with Storm On Demand® when it was time to spin off applications to be featured on its base website. We were able to engineer a Cloud environment in which Bose developers could create, without affecting the company’s direct center of operation. With Storm® On Demand’s flexibility, support, and availability, Bose was able to innovate with freedom and confidence.

Aunt Jemima

Storm On Demand® was of critical assistance during a large scale advertising campaign which required flexible bandwidth for the iconic Syrup manufacturer. Working with Storm On Demand® allowed for maximum value as the company was able to avoid paying for more bandwidth and availability than was required to keep the promotion up and running smoothly.

Purdue University

Large Universities such as Purdue often have content allocated to their own data centers. While large scale, in-house storage, makes sense for many of a University’s hosting needs, the services and solutions available via Cloud Hosting can work well in tandem with its base operations. Purdue’s work on specialized projects with Storm On Demand® is the perfect example of this. The University has found that, when deploying projects with a limited life-cycle, the ability to utilize unlimited flexibility, securely and efficiently, under the watchful eye and unrivaled expertise of our engineers, is invaluable.

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Consistently ranking as the nation’s top medical school, Johns Hopkins Medicine is no stranger to excellence. That’s why it should come to no surprise that they would tap the highest performing Cloud Host available for a number of their applications. The speed and I/O performance of Storm On Demand® has proven unrivaled in benchmarking tests and has certainly proven integral in keeping the important operations of The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine’s online presence vital and consistent.


EchoDitto is a successful online communications team that builds vibrant online communities for its global client base which include the likes of Bill Clinton, Discovery Channel & MIT. EchoDitto worked with Storm on Demand® to create an extremely powerful and reliable Hybrid Hosting Solution that utilizes several Storm® Cloud Servers as well as Dedicated Liquid Web servers within the same physical data center.

"Storm On Demand® & Cloud computing offers promise in that we can scale up when we're busy and down when we're not. And with dedicated MySQL servers and dedicated iSCSI/SAN storage, we can get performance with unlimited Apache instances. It's very exciting to us."

"Storm® is perfect for our development process as well. We often don't need a beefy box 24x7, but there are times where our development server feels a bit small. Being able to duplicate & run staging environments is incredible. For our clients in production, scaling up when they're linked from or The Colbert Report would ensure uptime while keeping costs low while usage is low. I could go on about how excited I am about Storm on Demand!" -Alan Ivey, Systems Administrator.


CloudHarmony is a leading independent cloud computing analyst. Cloud Harmony benchmarked more than 150 different cloud server configurations focusing this round of testing specifically on raw CPU performance. After exhaustive analysis, Cloud Harmony determined Storm® On Demand's 48GB Cloud Server to be the top performer out of all benchmarked server configurations.

The CloudHarmony team uses literally every public cloud and has run benchmarks on all of the major providers, we were delighted to hear this:

"Of all the IaaS vendors we reviewed, Storm® offers by far the most diverse heterogeneous infrastructure. Storm's 48GB cloud server was the top performer out of all of our benchmarked servers with 42.5 CCUs and a Geekbench score of 13020. When compared to Amazon EC2's highest performing server, Storm On Demand® is 57% faster and at nearly half of the cost!"

3tailer is an online retailer of niche products for the medical industry, running more than 30 different applications. They needed inexpensive, stable, and flexible hosting with a close eye on their bottom line. After a devastating migration to another Cloud product, Jon West and the rest of 3tailer made the decision to migrate one last time, to Storm On Demand®. With the help of our Heroic support, and 3tailer found themselves blown away by the flexibility of the platform.

"The amount of resources you get for the price is insane. We had just migrated to Rackspace® and were really unhappy with their service and support so it was a blessing to find you guys."