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Storm On Demand® Customers Accelerate Business With Fast & Efficient Global Access

The increasing importance of delivering digital media content as quickly as possible has led many new customers to look into how a Content Delivery Network (CDN) might benefit their project. Think of the growth of streaming online content such as that delivered to a global audience by services such as Netflix, Youtube, Spotify and Pandora. The growth of CDN capabilities has helped bring this medium to the forefront and expanded the way many people use the Internet. At Storm on Demand, we aim to ensure that our customers have access to top-of-line services for any need they may have. This is why we have partnered with the world’s largest and most experienced CDN, the Akamai Intelligent Platform, effectively giving our customers the ability to increase global reach over 2,000 percent further than any previously available option.

Benefits of Utilizing Akamai’s CDN with Storm On Demand:

  • Significantly bolster speed & decrease load times, worldwide
  • Reduced load on your Storm On Demand Instances
  • Onsite Heroic Support® available 24/7/365 from Liquid Web
  • Helps scale capacity for changing needs
  • Ensured security while data travels across networks
  • Provides visitor reports for analytics
  • Improved SEO & conversion rates
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How Do Akamai & Storm On Demand Work Together to Improve Reach?

Many Storm On Demand customers have witnessed the faster load times and industry leading I/O performance by utilizing Storm Servers in various configurations, including lightning fast Storm® SSD deployments. Maintaining those speeds and load times while reaching a global audience is where Akamai’s CDN comes in, continuously pulling and caching content from your server and distributing it to secure servers located in close proximity to your end users. There are a number of services available to execute this step, however Akamai‚Äôs expansive reach, spanning 140,000 servers in over 87 countries**, provides a superior platform that is responsible for between 15 and 30 percent of all Internet traffic, worldwide. In fact, these servers are positioned across more than 2000 of the world’s networks, utilizing applied mathematics and complex algorithms to monitor the Internet in real time and gather information about traffic, congestion, and trouble spots to ensure the availability, performance and security of your data as it travels.

Storm On Demand® and Akamai Give You a Multiple Advantages Over Your Competition

End User Efficiency Can Push You Over the Top

While faster load times represent an obvious advantage, recent studies by Compuware quantify this value. Studying a large variety of major retail sites, page load time reductions from 8 seconds to 2 seconds -- an improvement comparable to what many Storm On Demand® users will experience utilizing the Akamai CDN -- increased conversion by 74 percent and upgrading load time from 6 to 2 seconds lowered shopping cart abandonment by 25 percent. These statistics become crucial when you consider that nearly doubling customers with 25 percent more of them completing transactions could easily represent the difference between a successful venture and one that falls well short of its goals.

Front-End Optimization

Many successful businesses have committed innumerable resources into developers’ efforts to improve the back-end of their online presence. The unfortunate reality is, much of this time and money is wasted as it doesn’t show a consistent return in end user experience due to the fact that back-end processes can only account for roughly 10 percent of the perceived end user experience. “Middle mile” and front-end latencies caused by Internet congestion and travel time account for the remaining 90 percent of that experience. Utilizing Akamai with Storm On Demand provides a convenient and efficient way to provide a better end user experience than many of your competitors through front-end optimization. Tasks such as reducing the amount of HTTP requests browsers have to make, intelligent condensing and compressing of images and files, rendering acceleration by prioritizing which data needs to appear to end users first, and the alleviation of third-party bottlenecks such as ads, analytics code and social media content are just a few of the techniques automatically executed to deliver our CDN customers a premium experience for their end users.

CDN Bandwidth Pricing

Bandwidth Option
Monthly Pricing*
1 TB (1.000 GB) Bandwidth $100/mon ($0.10/GB)
2.5 TB (2.500 GB) Bandwidth $250/mon ($0.10/GB)
Only $125/mon ($0.05/GB)
5 TB (5.000 GB) Bandwidth $500/mon ($0.10/GB)
10 TB (10.000 GB) Bandwidth $900/mon ($0.09/GB)
100 TB (100.000 GB) Bandwidth $8000/mon ($0.08/GB)

Overages charged at $.15/GB

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CDN Storage Pricing

Storage Option
Monthly Pricing*
50GB Storage $200/mon ($4.00/GB)
100GB Storage $375/mon ($3.75/GB)
250GB Storage $800/mon ($3.20/GB)
500GB Storage $1500/mon ($3.00/GB)
1,000 GB Storage $3000/mon ($3.00/GB)

Overages charged at $.75/GB

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Though the benefits speak for themselves, arranging to deliver your data through any CDN can be costly, confusing and deliver less than optimal results if not approached properly. Our partnership with Akamai ensures our customers have access to a trusted provider with a global reach rivaling anything available , as well as Liquid Web’s knowledgeable Heroic Support® available 24/7/365, onsite for all Storm On Demand customers. Not only can we help you find a plan that fits your specific needs, but we can also help set up and optimize new services at any time

* If you have additional questions about whether a CDN is right for your project, pricing, implementation, or want to investigate a plan customized for your requirements, contact our Technical Sales Engineers, available around the clock via Live Chat or telephone at 1-877-330-7660. Prices above are for NON-Secure SSL traffic, if you need to host a custom SSL certificate or would like to use Akamai with Secure SSL, please contact one of our Technical Sales Engineers, extra fees will apply.

**This number is constantly changing