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Storm on Demand Partner Program


Referring a Storm On Demand Hosting Account

When a Preferred Partner refers a new Storm On Demand Hosting account, a one-time commission of $100 will be paid.

Each referred customer must an active Storm On Demand customer in good standing for two (2) months before it will be eligible for a referral commission.
Before commissions shall be paid for any referral the referred customer must pay for services in excess of the amount of referral commission paid. This provision is intended to account for the use of coupons in the sales process. For example: if a referred customer applies a $100 coupon to cover their initial hosting costs, the $100 commission will be paid to the Partner after such time that the customer exhausts their Coupon and pays for $100.01 in actual hosting costs.

You can not refer yourself. Each referral must be a unique customer who has never been a Liquid Web or Storm On Demand client previously. Referrals are intended for unique new customers and commission only applies to their first unique order. For example: If your referral opens 3 separate Storm On Demand hosting accounts, it is still one referral. In the event of dispute, Liquid Web's decision shall be final. Liquid Web may modify or discontinue this program at any time.

Storm On Demand Hosting accounts are not currently eligible for recurring monthly payments.

The Following Conditions Apply to All Referred Accounts

Payments will be mailed out monthly, as long as the total sales comes out to more than $60. If the commission is not greater than or equal to $60, then the commissions received that month will be carried over to the next month. Employees of Liquid Web, Inc. are restricted from participating in the Preferred Partner Program. There can be only one referral payment per new, unique Liquid Web client.

Liquid Web may choose, at any time, to require that referred accounts remain in good standing for at least 3 months before a referrer is paid commission.

The partner program is intended to be a mutually beneficial arrangement between our partners and Liquid Web that rewards referrers for introducing new customers to Liquid Web products. Any intentional misrepresentation or manipulation that violates the spirit of the partner program is strictly prohibited.