Windows Cloud Hosting Has Arrived!
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Fast & Dependable Windows Cloud Hosting Options Meet Storm On Demand’s Unrivaled Performance

We have once again re-engineered Storm On Demand® and the result is a freshly minted option to deploy Windows 2008 R2 SP1 images! This is currently available in our Fully Managed, Core Managed and Self-Managed packages and comes with all of the Storm On Demand® features that have helped us gain our reputation as the Cloud Hosting industry’s premier option for High Performance solutions.

Supported Software:

  • Windows 2008 64-bit
  • Parallels Plesk

Available Regions:

  • US West (Arizona)
  • US Central (MIchigan)

As ASP and .NET scripts, integrated functionality characteristics and enhanced development of searchable databases have all gained in popularity, Windows has gathered momentum amongst our users. Storm On Demand’s performance and feature-rich platform provides these new Windows Cloud Hosting users a robust and smooth functioning experience from the smallest applications to the largest enterprise solutions. This was made possible by our extensive re-engineering and commitment to answer the growing demand for Windows with a seamless integration into our existing Storm On Demand® platform and the popular options and features it boasts:

  • Advanced Networking & Load Balancing Made Easy
  • Industry-leading Management Console
  • Cloud Attached Firewalls
  • Private Networking
  • Load Balancing
  • Deploy from Images
  • Save Images for Future Deployment
  • Deploy Windows and Linux Servers with the same platform
  • Automated Server Deployment on Demand
  • With Hourly Pay-As-You-Go Billing, You Only Pay for What You Use
  • Multiple Geographic Regions Available
  • Scale from Storm Server, to Storm SSD or Storm Bare Metal on Demand
  • More Options Being Added by the Day

Our Windows platform has been completely engineered in-house, and is sure to please anyone looking to get the highest performance experience out of Windows Cloud Hosting. Please contact a Sales Engineer if you need help deploying a server or if you have any questions. You can reach us at 1.877.330.7760 option 2 or via email: You can also chat with us at

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